The era of light electric vehicles is witnessing the rollout of Daymak Avvenire Series electric vehicles

Daymak, which is renowned for pioneering the development of light electric vehicles (LEVs) os preparing to unveil an awesome class of its products in the market. The company will be rolling six of its Daymak Avvenire latest products to revitalize its leadership in the LEV market. Daymak Avvenire is a product line that produces a range of what can be termed as light electric vehicles, including motorcycles, bikes, and other products.

The founder of Daymak, Aldo Baiocchi, emphasized that the company develops clean electric vehicles that contribute to the war against emissions of any kind while offering lucrative products to its customers. He added that the vehicles’ design ensures that customers receive value for the product being offered to them.

The company is looking forward to developing more technically advanced transportation modules to bring extra comfort to the customers. Additionally, the company’s projects will generate over 500 jobs in the clean technology industry. The development will integrate solar power to ensure that their operations reduce carbon emissions from their operations.

The Daymak Avvenire Series comprises six vehicles, inclusive of e-bikes, scooters, and general vehicles. The first in the series is FORAS. This electric bike can host one passenger and has a mileage range of 200 kilometers. The electric bike has a GPS alarm and a camera supporting it to tell the owner the location he is traveling.

Next is the TERRA. This bike can navigate through the smooth roads and the crispy roads. It has solar panels that recharge the bike while en route to the destination of the owner. This feature enables the bike to safeguard the battery. Additionally, the bike can cover 100 kilometers in one run.

ASPERO follows in this line of products. This electric model has an enclosure to safeguard the driver and can travel through a range of terrains. This concept makes it suitable for hunting, camping, and other outdoor expeditions. Furthermore, the silent motor, zero-emissions system, and fast charging unit make the vehicle exciting to stroll around in it.

TECTUS scooter brings the customer a new level of comfort. The scooter can maneuver through all-weather roads. The scooter comes with a solar trickle charging system coupled with rear storage. Moreover, the scooter has a camera and boasts of 160 km mileage range in a single charge. 

The SKYRIDER is next with the feature of flying. If all the roads are clear, then the vehicle performs exceedingly well without emissions that affect the environment whatsoever. Finally, Daymak Avvenire Series terminates with SPIRITUS. This electric car host two passengers can automatically run on its own with a few presses. The car comes with a WiFi connection, a solar trickle charging unit, and an entertainment system. It can travel over 400 kilometers before a recharge. It is the fastest electric three-wheeler on Earth.