In 2021, Toyota will launch new electric SUVs centered in Europe.

As the first model built on a bespoke BEV platform, Toyota will unveil a new electric SUV this coming year, kick-starting what would be a rapidly growing wide variety of electric vehicles. The as-yet-unnamed framework will be identical in size to the RAV4 of today, even though it is set to take on a different name as a dedicated BEV on the dedicated architecture. Toyota claims that the SUV has been customized explicitly for the European market and will be constructed in Japan at its dedicated zero-emission plant.

The SUV would be the first of 6 BEVs scheduled to be using the new e-TNGA forum, co-developed by Toyota and Subaru. This architecture is intended to be highly adaptable that can be used for different lengths and wheelbases of vehicles. By letting motors between both axles and with a wide range of battery capacity, it can also be used for the rear, front, and four-wheel drive powertrains. Toyota also asserts that it will be able to increase both the range as well as battery life by studying from its hybrids.

Andrea Carlucci, the European product development boss of Toyota, has said the new vehicle would be very European both in DNA and style. He clarified that for Toyota’s first BEV, the RAV4-sized SUV was preferred because it will be an international model. It provides the best balance to fulfill the requirements of all regions. He added: “It is very clear that in more compact vehicles, there is volume, and that’s where the needs of all regions are best balanced.

Toyota has already said that a small SUV designing with Suzuki, a crossover, a big SUV, a saloon, and an MPV would be included in other versions intended for the e-TNGA platform. Toyota is still growing in solid-state research and development has already said it expects to deliver a “mass-produced” BEV “in the first half of the 2020s” using this revolutionary technology.

Along with the electric-powered SUV, Toyota will also release BEV models of its Proace and Proace City vans in the coming year. Although Toyota’s BEV offering will soon flesh out the launch of e-TNGA-based vehicles, the company is fully loyal to having a variety of electrified choices, with diesel, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell versions. It plans to sell 5.5 million electric vehicles annually by 2025.

Toyota is preparing to sell over 60 new or revised electric vehicles in Europe by 2025. It intends upwards of 70% of its revenue to come from hybrid versions by that point, with BEVs, PHEVs and FCEVs accounted for marginally and over 10% each. The new electric SUV will also join a quick SUV lineup. Toyota’s crossover lineup also features the C-HR, Yaris Cross, Highlander as well as Land Cruiser, alongside the equally sized RAV4, available with diesel and the plug-in hybrid powertrains.