A complete solar power system will soon be going for as little as $13700

Some customers have murmured over the high prices of installing and purchasing solar systems and equipment. However, it is advisable for customers first to experience the solar power resources and check the prices before allowing rumors to mislead them. These murmuring customers discussed the rooftop solar equipment without the knowledge of a concise, complete solar system that is installable from the ground. The latest development by GoGreenSolar is a $7300 solar kit that allocates the customer 13400 W of solar power.

The kit is installable in an Ironridge by anchoring it through its racks on the surface. The company stated that complex installations would require an additional $1500 in expenses for fittings and other equipment that maintains the equipment’s stability. Hiring a technician to fix the installations would additionally cost $5000 due to the kit’s complexity. However, personal mounting by following the installation manual would cost a total of $8700. On the other hand, hiring a contractor to fix the whole system would incur $13700 since the contractor develops the entire system, including wiring in the contractor’s home. The advantage of a contractor is that the design would be durable and energy-efficient.

The problem with contractual installation is there are taxes that are payable to the government since the whole process is a business itself. A study by UC-Berkeley indicates that installing a solar system would save a home over $15000, which it would incur in other energy modules. The researchers in this study explained that they used rooftop installations as the basis. On the other hand, a Ground-Mounted solar system would be expensive at installation but save more on the system’s utilization.

A Ground-Mounted solar power system saves energy and cost of installing the standard electrical system from the grid. Additionally, the system enhances the achievement of the zero-emissions strategy under the Paris agreement. However, these systems require space, which might be a challenge for people living in rented apartments. They would have to consult with their real estate agents before installing any of these in their homes. In this case, the rooftop solar projects prove to be handy since they utilize the smallest space.

Finally, although the installation process may be expensive, the result is worthy. The cost of the system is cheaper if more consideration goes into the calculations. Additionally, the homeowner may not have a hard time adjusting to the transition to green energy.