The US Air Force’s University analyzes the level of China’s weaponization

The US Air Force’s University analyzes the level of China’s weaponization that could threaten the safety of the United States space assets. The research indicated that China is using diplomatic methods to develop its space ammunition, which could supersede that of the US.

The researchers gathered these details after evaluating China’s collaboration with the US about their project dubbed “China’s Space Narrative.” China Aerospace Science Institute’s head, Brendan Mulvaney, explained that they are partnering with the US to evaluate their level of technology before redefining their technical expertise to reach a competitive level. 

The researchers view this competition between China and the US as a means for the two countries to advance their technology in space. Nevertheless, the US does not consider China as an ally in space operations but a competitive rival expanding its weaponization. The researchers’ report paints China as a political, economic, and military adversary to the US’s superiority.

China came up with a plan to collaborate with the US to have more national security knowledge and maintain it. However, the US thinks that China is garnering more friends to overthrow the US’s dominance and leadership in space.

The report explains that China’s space strategies and collaborations are its way of achieving its objectives diplomatically. The report details that the Chinese space policies view the US strategies for space as scaring mechanisms for upcoming competitors and not suitable methods that champion for fair competition.

The researchers reported that China’s media paints America as a nation advocating military prowess through their space programs and games to hinder other countries from displacing it from space dominance. Additionally, Chinese analysts explained that their government is trying to venture into the cosmos in a peaceful way that the US considers a threat.

Nevertheless, Chinese analysts consider SpaceX as a source of inspiration for other satellite operators. China explained that they are collaborating with the US because its commercial space industry performs better than that of China. The country stated that they are learning how to integrate space policies into their retail sector to realize the government’s goals and garner their position among developed countries exploring space.

To sum up, China explained that they do not wish to evict the US from its military command in space scrupulously. The Chinese government said that their engineers and technicians are learning how to improve their research techniques and develop satellites and payloads that can thrive in space.