The increasing commercial interest on the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) continues to attract the interest of many space enthusiasts worldwide. The rising popularity is due to the rise in space activity because several space corporations and agencies continue to conduct numerous launches to the ISS, the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Currently, astronauts are residing in the space station, and their communications with ground-based stations enable humankind to justify the need to visit, live, and work in space. Some space programs anticipate beginning space trips to the ISS sooner rather than later. Space exploration companies plan to commence flights using commercial spacecraft to and from the ISS. Space technology cooperation’ continue to develop communication networks and beacon transmission systems to facilitate the ease of broadcasting between the ISS and the stations on the Earth’s surface. 

A venture recently stated that it plans to organize a trip to the International Space Station for the lucky winner of a reality show. Moreover, investors continue to see an opportunity for a great business in the future for the space station. 

Space Hero LLC is a media production cooperation that announced its plans to broadcast an unscripted television show called Space Hero globally. The winner of the reality show features in the broadcast transmitted from the ISS, scheduled as from 2023. However, officials from Space Hero LLC never gave details on the space trip operation, including announcing the reality show winner.

Marty Pompadur, the director of Space Hero LLC, said that the company is the frontier in the entertainment industry that plans to provide the first-ever in-space experience. Marty’s career in the entertainment sector is remarkable because he was previously the chairperson of News Corporation Europe. Space Hero aims to revolutionize reality TV shows by introducing its multichannel experience to provide the most fantastic prize to a diverse audience. The company plans to budget for at least $50 million to facilitate the International Space Station trip, and this amount excludes costs for producing the TV show. Deborah Sass, Space Hero’s co-founder, mentioned a ticket worth $65 million to cater to the winner’s 10-day trip to the ISS.

However, the company never disclosed the method it plans to use in raising the money. Hannah Walsh, Space Hero’s spokesperson, said that the schedule is on track because it is at its second investment stage. She never stated the exact amount that the company received. Space Hero and Axiom Space are working on the project for the winner’s trip to the International Space Station. 

In conclusion, Axiom announced its strategy for flying crewed spacecraft to the ISS, as it continues to develop numerous commercial modules for the station. Axiom’s plan offers the groundwork for future cooperate space stations.